A home remedy to boost children’s  immunity

     I would like to share with you today a drink  that can be given to babies to boost their immunity. Some children are always seen getting sick. These diseases are caused by lack of immunity. Symptoms include occasional fever,  cough, loss of appetite when eating fresh foods and occasional abdominal pain. Some babies develop fever when the climate changes slightly.     

                 Such children may find that their immunity is low. It is said that babies need immunity. Today it is said that the babies need to increase their immunity. Today we are introducing a drink to boost immunity of babies. Let’s see how this is done. It is best to drink at night. Give half a glass of water,  half an hour or an hour before bedtime. There is no need to force drink.


  • Cumin – 1 pinch
  • Ajwain seed(ayamodakam) – 2 pinch
  • Coriander  – 4
  • Pepper  -1
  • Turmeric powder  – 1 pinch

                  Take  one glass of water. Add 1 Pinch of fine cumin, 2 pinch of ajwain seed,  4coriander seed, 1 Pepper seed and one Pinch of turmeric powder. Let us crush the pepper.Boil the water well. Drain one glass into half a glass. If it is given to children above 2 ½ years of age one clove can be added to it. Give this water to the child with little heat.  This will increase your child’s immunity. Please try this remedy.

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