A highly profitable business with low investment

        Today I would like to tell you all about starting a business people who have just returned from the Gulf countries or who are natives will have to spend at least Rs 10 lakh to start a business . Only then after 1 or 2 or 3 years that it will come to a profit . That is the normal business.

       Now I introduce you for a small investment only to spend  5 lakhs if you start a business with Rs 5 lakh, you will have  fortune you can convert it to Rs 8 lakhs in just one or two months. I want to tell you about a business plan that is 100% credible to you . There are currently 90 franchisees  in Kerala .It is a plan to make a 900 franchisees in every panchayat. This business is conducted by SPC(spices produces company). it is based in Idukki district.

         I would like to say that  it is a good business in every way.This is a  farming business. It is a business that provides  products for farmers and it helps farmers. Humans have PH value in our blood .Like wise there are PH value in the plants and also souls. The difference in the pH of our blood can cause us  to die. But the pH of the soil is changing.When the plants have an alkaline pH( more than 7 ) it grows best.

        But tea plants needs a little PH. Farmers who do not know the pH of the soil but do not get any benefit from farming. For that there is a pH booster that has been discovered as a result of time research usually when the soil pH is altered , we put lime. There is a pH booster that retains PH in the soil as lime  may increase or decrease pH in the soi.

    Instead of all fertilizers ,there are fertilizers containing all the elements . If you want to start a franchise ,contact the SPC company. If you pay a total of Rs 5 lakh, the free seminar for you and educate the farmers and give the opportunity to test. Cultivation using this products, as well as general farming,every one knows the changes . Similarity this SPC is an endeavour to create an organic farming culture all over the country, from the opportunity of making PH  free to all farmers.

                There is the opportunity to 900 panchayat . In a Panchayat, only one is allowed. It is necessary to change our world to an organic concept from to destroy the soil with chemical fertilizers. Farmers in particular need to change. With the concept of getting high yield on the low cost. So we need to promote this we will have all the support on their side. Please share this information to all farmers. Inquire about SPC in your place.

            If someone in your place want to start this business, have to spend Rs 5 lakh ,they  can hire 5 or 10 people who work with you. Make a good decision at a good time. Let our place become an organic country. Please share this information to others.

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