A Few things that semi automatic washing machine users need to know

       We are all use washing machines at home. Washing machine is a home appliance used to wash clothes.The first english patent under washing machines was issued in 1961.But today I would like to share with you a few  things that semi automatic washing machine users need to know.

               Washing machines can be a chance to grow salmonella germs.Clean the washing machine with hot water and a cup of distilled white vinegar to sanitize the basin .It is the best way to remove the germs.

       When you buy a washing machine ,we get a bill and a warranty card.Keep this bill and warranty card.Semi automatic washing machine have full 2 year warranty. Some washing machines motor have 5 year warranty.

     When we buy a washing  machine we get a thermocol base. The washing machine  should be removed from the thermocol and use. The jerking of the washing machine will be more.May be a chance to get compliant.Should not use the thermocol as stand.

          The washing machine should be used on flat surfaces.May be a chance to compliant the bearing. When using a one circle of  semi automatic washing machine it takes 400 watts.

          We can set program manually  in semi automatic washing machine. We can set the time and spin. These are mechanical nobs. If you turn return the nobs ,it may 

cause damage.

       Select the soaking model washing machines.We get good washing quality.We can remove the nobs and replace it.

         Washing machine has a filter. It needs to be taken and cleaned once a week.In the time of wash,remove the safety pins and coins .Add water more than 4 inches from the clothes.We can use liquids to wash.

      Put the spin cap above clothes while spinning.Clean the Lind filter and bottom of the washing machine.It helps to avoid smell.

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