A beautiful two storey house -13 lakhs,4 cents 

     Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful  house  at low cost. Though a house is a worthy investment, sometimes expenditure goes beyond their budget .The experts feel that you can still construct your dream house effortlessly.  A strong plan is very important.You should make a strong  and solid plan at the beginning of the construction. Take an opinion from your family  members who will provide all the ideas according to your budget. You should  select  the plots wisely. The plots are expensive in kerala. If you are looking  for a house within your budget, you should  select an experienced  contractor who has resources to support your low construction  methods. Nowadays most of the contractors offer lucrative packages which will meet your budget. 

       Select a reputed supplier who will give you low maintenance materials without  compromising the quality. You should  purchase accessories like a switchboard,electric wires,bathroom  fittings, kitchen  fittings ,etc should be purchased from a wholesale dealer instead of purchasing  from a small retailer. It gives you discounts also.

    For a small family, three rooms are sufficient. And you can include extra room for guests. Doors and windows provide the highest security to your house.It will give best protection for you. But wooden doors and windows  are very high expensive. You should think about alternatives of wooden doors and windows. You can use grills and collapsible  gates for outside.

     Pavement of tiles in the front yard is expensive. And also it is also harmful to the environment and ground water levels. You should  select a simple design  in the kitchen and bathroom. Installing LED lights will make your home more spacious.  It is affordable and doesn’t require much maintenance cost. It minimizes electricity levels. Collect old materials from demolished sites.Try to avoid beams and pergolas.

     You can make low cost houses in kerala. You can reduce the construction materials needed to build load bearing  walls. It handles the entire weight of the structure. Construction  cost will depend on the list of materials used.you can choose simple brick.

     We can see how to make a house at Rs 13 lakhs on a 4 cent plot.It has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We can make a house normally or luxuriously. We can make this house normally at 13 lakhs. You should avoid column footage. You can make a house simply with rocks.Avoid luxurious woods like teak.you can select low cost woods.You can select upvc methods. 

      You should make a budget for single units. Select low cost tiles. You can make this house  luxuriously at Rs 19 lakhs. It needs 9.86 length and 8.68 width. Ground floor is 686 square feet. A beautiful  landscaping area is set in the front. Living area is 4.15×3.00 . The living area has a corner type sitting  space and we can set a TV unit in the hall. No separation  between  living area and dining hall.

      A wash basin is set near the dining area. Kitchen has 2.8×3.00 space. On the ground  floor there is a bathroom  attached to the bedroom. Cross ventilation is provided. 3 doors can be seen on the ground floor. You can select the materials. It has an open car porch. 

      We can see two bathroom attached bedrooms  on the first floor.There is a beautiful  passage and a balcony.first floor is 524 square feet.a dressing  area is designed  in the first floor. You should  provide a candle liver beam. We will get an open terrace.A beautiful  double  height cladding  wall is provided. It increases the beauty  of this house. 

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