A beautiful house with 2 bedrooms in 850 square feet 

     Today I would like to inform you about a  beautiful  house. A beautiful  home ,affordable, is the dream of every person. Firstly make a solid plan and budgeting.  A house is a worthy investment. Take good quality low cost building materials. 

    Take an opinion  from family members and make a strong plan.you can add low cost interior designs  also. Select an experienced contractor. They will support your low cost construction. 

    Choose a reputed supplier  who will give you quality low cost materials. Do not make more rooms,it will increase your construction  cost.we will get less costly woods for inside doors.Collect materials  from old houses. You can save a lot of money .

    Today I want to introduce a 850 square feet house. It is a low cost budgeting  house.  It has a sit out,living room,dining area cum kitchen, 2 attached bedrooms,work area.The windows have shades.pillars and some external  walls covered with granite designs. The kitchen has a lot of storage spaces.

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