A beautiful  house plan  in 3.5 cents at 16 lakh

      Today we can see 3 bed room house in 3.5 cents. Every peoples drea is make a beautiful  home in low budget. It is very important to build a beautiful house on a very low loan .Its total square feet is 1295.

     This house has 3 bed rooms . We can see a large car porch. It has 250×300 cm.We can see a 325×185 sitout. First we can see the living room. Its space has 300×390 cm. We can set a sofa on corner side and a TV unit on opposite side.

    It has a separate dining room . It has 320×250 cm. We can set a large dining table here.  A wash area is here.

    One bedroom has arranged in the ground  floor. The bedroom has 300×300cm.  This bed room is not attached. In the ground floor has a common bath room. It has 150×130cm.

     We can see  a large kitchen. Its space has 300×300 cm. 300×150 cm  work area is arranged here. The total square feet of the ground floor  is 763 square feet. 

    In the first floor we can see a 300×390 cm living area. 2 bed rooms are arranged in the first  floor.  Two  Bed rooms are  bath attached. The space of bed rooms are  300×300cm. The space of bathrooms are 130×150cm. We can see a170×290 cm sit out here. 

    The total square feet of first floor is 532squarefeet. . Total square feet of this floor is 1295 square feet. Its total price is Rs 16 lakh. 

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