A beautiful house in 3 cents for   Rs 11 lakh

          A beautiful home is everyone’s dream. Everyone wants to have a beautiful home at a very low cost. The total design gives a beautiful touch at the first sight. Today I am introducing a 785 square feet house. But it  looks larger than its size. 

        This house included three bedrooms, sit out ,leaving come dining area, kitchen , work area and upper living area. Ground floor 608 square feet and first floor 117 square feet. This house is in 3 cents. We can complete the work on this house for 11 lakh.

       All the three bedrooms have separate storage area. The interior design of this house is to use the mats as curtain. The downstairs one bedroom is attached. Bedroom on the first floor have  an attached bathroom.

        Space of the sit out is 180×180. We can set the sofa on the right side of the living room.Arrange a  TV unit in front of the sofa. The dining room is on the left side of the living room.The space of the living room and dining room is 560×300.

       The space of the master bedroom is 320×300.It is bathroom attached.The space of the bathroom is 150×150.In the ground floor there is a common bathroom.There is an another bedroom in the ground floor, It’s space is 300×300.

       The space of the kitchen is 240×300cm.A beautiful work area is arranged here.The space of the work area is 170×300cm.This house is totally in 2 cents.

      The  total space of the upper staircase  area in the first floor is 240×300.The bed room has attached bathroom.The space of the bed room is 300×300.The space of the bathroom is 130×172cm.

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