A beautiful house for Rs 14 lakh

       Today I want to share with you about a small house with 960 square feet. This is a beautiful house. This house stands in 5 cents. We can build this house for Rs  14 lakh. This is a house for the common man.

       There is a sit out of good length. On either side of the front door ,there are single pane windows. Those windows add to the beauty of this house. A setty  is arranged in the living room.

         A beautiful showcase is another feature of this house. Showcase is made of multi wood. There is a space on the side of the staircase. White marble is used for the flooring. Wash basin is located on the side of the dining table.

            The bedroom is 11×10 in size. This is a very comfortable bedroom. The bedroom has ward robes made of gypsum work on the wall itself. It has steel doors.This bedroom has an attached bathroom. Bathroom door is made of the same material as the ward robes. This is a bathroom with the essential amenities.

        Two bedrooms are the same size and 2 bedrooms are bath attached. There is a door between the kitchen and living room. Essentially has a large  kitchen. A store room is also provided.The total cost of this house is Rs 14 lakh.

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