A beautiful house  built for Rs 2 lakhs

    Today I would like to introduce a house built with Rs 2 lakhs.Everybody has a dream to build a beautiful  house at low cost. But there are still many who live in rented accommodation because of financial difficulties. But for those who do , this  is a good news .

       Most people take out a loan for build a house. But it is common for them to make it difficult for later. Today we are introducing you a house that can be put in  very low cost without taking a loan.

      This house has 2 bed rooms 1 kitchen,1 dining area. The bathrooms are built in the outside. Its total price is Rs 2 lakh. This house is in kaipuzha muttu. The materials are v6 board. The basement  foundation is made with rock. 

      There are  not used cement blocks. They are used v boards. It is a cement fibre board. This house has single windows.They used 8mm v boards. Common areas built with gypsum sealing.

     They used steel windows and pvc doors. The kitchen is ventilated very well. We can see storage space. We can see bathrooms are in out side. Red oxide used for floor. This house has 365 square feet. Paint with putty in the joints of v boards.

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