A beautiful house /12 cent/ 5 bedrooms / 3000 square feet

Everyone wants to make a beautiful home at a low cost. You can make a small house building in a city with the high cost of living means land and taxes will cost more than an affordable area. Making a pre-existing home is typically more affordable than building a home. New construction of a house may be more affordable if you find a great deal. Construction of a house under budget is un-thinkable in the present time.

Mostly the construction of a house takes at least 4 to 6 months. Family of five people wanted a comfortable two story house built on a moderate budget. You can select alternative building material and avoid unnecessary and over Top design features that help keep the expenses at bay. You can select interlocking mud bricks, it helps to avoid cement plaster the structures. You can select later item stones,it helps to reduce heat inside the house. There are many factors that helped in reducing the expenses. The kitchen has been furnished with an aluminium composite panel,it also helps reduce the expense.

We can see a beautiful house in AncharaKandy, kannur. It is in vengad panchayat. In this panchayat, there are 26 schools . This house is 3000 square feet and it is situated at 12 cents.It is near the airport. All facilities are available near this house. You can see a variety of designs of materials. The outer wall is made with cladding stones. Gate is made with GI square tubes. It has a variety of designed houses. They mostly prefer the white color.

They use tiles in the courtyard instead of interlocking blocks. These are rough tiles.we can see a large well near the house. This house is constructed with laterite bricks. Because it reduces temperature in the rooms. A large spaced car porch is here. We can park more than 4 vehicles in this house. There is a place ,we can set up a garden.

White tiles are used in the pillars of the house. Black colored granites are decorated between the tiles.There is a L shaped verandah like sitout space. Granite is used in the varandha. 4 pillars are in this sitout. Teak Wood work is done in the front wall and ceiling. Ceiling is decorated with gypsum works. Ceiling decorated with LED lights. It increases the beauty of this house.

It increases the proudy of this house.front door is made with teak wood. A guest living area is here. White Somalia branded tiles are used here. Provide borders with black color tile.Rooms are well ventilated. We can set up a corner settee here. We can see a beautiful ceiling work in the roof .An LED light fixed in the mid part of the roof. It has a high roof. An arch shaped part is given between the living area and family living area. Aquaria wood is used in the arch, we can set a TV unit in this family living area.

They used imported switches from other countries. A beautiful wooden like gypsum ceiling work is done on the roof. It increases the proudy. They provided wooden finishing in all parts of the house. A staircase is near the family living area. We can see a passage to go to the dining area.wall tiles are used in the walls of the dining area. There is also a ceiling work like wooden touch. Wash area is near the dining area. There is also ceiling work in the roof. They provide light colored LED lights.

Kitchen is near the dining area. It is a closed structure. Wooden rough tiles are used in the kitchen. Wall tiles are used in the kitchen. It increases the beauty of the house. Granite tops are provided. A lot of storage spaces are available . The ceiling work is done on the roof of the kitchen. There is a fan in the kitchen. It is well ventilated. All pipe fittings are imported. We can make additional space areas. There is a space in the kitchen for the washing machine. We will get pure water. There is a work area. Iron doors are used in the kitchen. It is full grilled with rads.

Aluva burner is used in the kitchen. Variety designed tiles are used in the work area. There is a common bathroom near the work area. There is a separate room for storage space. There is an area for vegetable growing. 5 bedrooms are here.

Two bedrooms are on the ground floor. Bedroom also has ventilation. A lot of space and the roof has a wooden ceiling with gypsum work. Variety colored LED lights are provided. Anjily wood is used in the windows.bedrooms are bathroom attached, wooden doors are provided in the bathroom. Quality materials are used in all parts. Species. bathrooms are provided.

A separate showcase area is provided between the bedrooms. Bedrooms are the same size. It also has a variety of ceiling work in the roofs. It is also well ventilated. Staircase handles are made with Aquasia wood. Toughen Glasses are provided in the handles. A Pergola is provided in the roof .Wooden pillars are made with aquaria woods. A common balcony can see the second storey.

Here we can see a space for a family living area. There is also beautiful ceiling work. We can see a study room .A common bathroom is provided near the family living area. Natural lights are available here. There are three bedrooms in the second storey. We can see a small balcony in front of the bedroom. These bedrooms are bathroom attached. This house has Rs 1.25 cr.

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Anjarakandy,near pinarayi,kannur



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