A beautiful 710 square feet house at a cost of Rs 7 lakh

  Today I would like to inform you about a 710 square beautiful  modern house built at a cost of Rs 7 lakh. Every people has a dream for making a beautiful house at low cost. Today I would like to introduce a modern house at low cost. It has 710 square feet. When we build a house we need to know everything about the house. Then we can save a lot of money on that house work.

     Today I would introduce a  house with a lot of features. This house has a sit out,living area,dining area,dining area,2 bed rooms,bathroom, kitchen, work area. This house is in 4 cents.

      The construction of this house was completed in 120 days.This house has good exterior and interior works.This house is in Thrissur. They used AAC blocks. It has a one side direction slop. We can see a beautiful kitchen.

    This house has sandwich sheets.it reduces heat. It has a semi cotton courtyard. windows are made up of 12mm tuffen glass.

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