A beautiful 529 square feet  house at Rs 7 lakh


      Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful house at low cost. Tiny houses are the cheapest kind of houses to build.firsty select an experienced  architect.  Spend more time planning. Create an adequate  budget.

     We can select steel materials instead of wood. We can use concrete frames. It helps to lower the cost of the house. You can use recycled  wood materials. Construction  industry  uses a variety of materials  for building  homes.

           Stones and woods are natural  building materials  and concrete ,masonry and steels are man made materials. Steel has high strength to weight  ratios.  It is high cost related to other materials. It consumes less time.

        Many people build a house based on their status. They don’t think about their financial  situations. They take huge amounts of home loans from banks.  They can’t even pay the interest,so they leave their home.

          But we can build beautiful  homes at low cost.Always minimize the use of steel and iron to build eco-friendly houses. The walls of the house can be built with interlocking  bricks.The amount of Cement ,sand used can be kept to a minimum. 

         We can save 30 % of the total costs. Interlock bricks are made by mixing literate stone powder, Cement and gravel. We can buy low cost good quality tiles from markets.

       Today we can see a low cost house .It is a very beautiful  house. It is  520 square feet.  Its total cost is Rs 7 lakh. This house has a sitout,  living area, bedroom, kitchen. Bathrooms are sitting outside. It is in chenneerkara, Pathanamthitta.  

      We can see an adequate  sitout . This house was built by a community led by father shaji to provide a house for the homeless peoples.steel rails are used in the Sopanam of sitout.  We can see a spacious living area. This house has one bedroom. windows are given for well ventilation. This house has an adequate  kitchen. 

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