A beautiful 4 bedroom house with courtyard 

                 Today I would like to share with you about the plan of a Courtyard house with  four bedrooms. It is a beautiful house. This house is built at 12 cents. This house has two entrances .This house has a total of four bedrooms. Two of them are bath attached. Another two bedrooms  have a common bathroom.

         From the first entrance we get to the sit out.The space of the sitout is 450×305cm. This house has a sitout on three sides. The entrance to the living room is straight from the sitting area.

          Lets  set a sofa on the right side of the living room . We can set  the TV unit on the left side.The space of the living room is 450×330cm.

            From there we can see the courtyard directly.The space of the courtyard is 210×340cm. The dining area is set on the right side of the courtyard. In the right side of the house there is an another  sit out.

       The space of that sitout is 325×500cm. One bedroom is located on the right side of the living room.The space of the bed room is 390×330 cm.It is a bath attached  bed room.The space of the bathroom is 150×250cm. This bedroom has two windows with three panes.

       Another bed room is in the left side of the living room. The space of the bedroom is 390×330cm.This bedroom is also bath attached.The space of the washing area is 210×150 cm.

        Third bed room is in the left side of the courtyard. The space of the bedroom is 390×360 cm.Fourth bedroom is near the third bedroom.The space of the bedroom is 390×330cm.A prayer room is set here.The space of prayer area is 190×180 cm.

        The space of the kitchen is 280×330cm.There is a work area .The space of the work area is 240×330cm.

                    The total square feet of this house is 2851 square feet. This house is arranged in such a way that water does not seep in to  the courtyard. The top of it is closed. We can complete this house for a sum of Rs 43 lakhs by using medium materials.

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