A beautiful 2275 square feet 4 bed room house in 5 cents

      Today I would like to inform you about a beautiful  house.  Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful house at low cost.  A house is a building  that serves as living quarters for a family.we can see a beautiful  house in thaikkavu near aluva.

        This house is 5 cents. It has 2275 square feet. This house gate is made with a GI square tube. It is a sliding gate. We can see an interlocked courtyard. We can see red stone  designed pillars. 

       This house is also made with red stone. So we get a cool atmosphere.  We can see  a car porch. Sitout is made with granites. Main door is made with teak.  Living area and dining area are separated well. We get privacy. Living area is well ventilated.  Living area is sealing work. 

        We can see a specific dining area. We can see sealing works here also. We can see a wash area near the dining area. We can see a u shaped kitchen . It has a lot of storage  spaces. We can see a work area space .

         Two bedrooms are on the ground floor.   Bed rooms are baths attached. Bathroom doors are fibre doors. Staircase sides are made with stainless steel square tube and pipes. Granites and tiles are used in the steps.

          On the first floor we can see the family living area. 2 bath attached bed rooms are on the first floor.   We can see a utility  space on the first floor. It has a common balcony  area. The price of this house is  Rs 68 lakh.

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