A beautiful  2 bedroom house  in 1200 square feet 

     Today I would like to inform you about a beautiful house. Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful house at low cost. This house is 1200 square feet.A house is a building that serves as living for one family.It is a shelter. Firstly we need a clear idea of what you want to achieve.  Make a budget plan .We can make a concrete floor decorated with mosaic tile borders. Always keep simple designs.  Think wisely about the budget.

       Today we can see a low budget  beautiful  house. It has a beautiful  sitout It is made with granites. We can see a pillar ,which is spray painted. We can see a living space. We can see some designs in the wall like wood. We can see shutter designed windows.

       Between the living space and dining area we can see an arch. Two pillars are under the arch. The pillars are spray painted. This house has a separated dining area. TV is set in the dining area.A multi wood work is set in the dining area.

       Granites are set in the floor and staircase. Stainless steel bars are seen in the staircase bars . A wash basin is near the staircase. Storage spaces are under the staircase. This house is very attractive.  

      This house has two bedrooms. The Bedroom  has  12×13 spaces. It has 3 windows. It helps with adequate ventilation.  Two bedrooms are bathroom attached. Dressing  cupboard is set here.

        We can see a very beautiful  kitchen here. Kitchen has triple windows. It has a lot of storage  spaces. A dining table in the kitchen. It has a storage room. The walls of the kitchen are tiled.

       This house has a work area.  Gas is set in the work area. A bathroom is set on the outside. This house is 1190 square feet.  Its price is Rs 15 to 20 lakhs. It is in pattambi.

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