A beautiful  1500 Square feet house is in 5 ½ cents

    Today I would like to introduce a 1500 square feet house for 5 ½ cents.Every person has a  dream to make a house at low cost. A house is a place where your family lives.  A house provides privacy, security, identity.  It gives us a peaceful environment.  We can make our home with our concern.  It gives a lot of memories  and it strengthens the bond between the family members. 

      Today we can see a  beautiful  house in 1500 Square feet. It is 5 ½ cents. Tos house has corner windows  informing sides. It has glass prick works in the staircase. We can see the plantar box works in sitout.

        On the ground floor we can see   a car porch,sitout,living area, dining area, bathroom  attached bedroom, kitchen ,work area and a common bathroom. We can see a separated living room. It is a very beautiful house. 

      Direct LED bulbs are attached to the roof. A wash basin was set near the dining hall. Texture paints are used in the wall. We can see the open kitchen and work area.

      On the first floor we can see a bath attached bedroom,living room and open terrace. Its price is Rs 22 lakhs.This house is in kakkodu, kozhikode.

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