A beautiful 1390 square feet,5 bedrooms budget friendly house



         Everyone has a dream to make a budget house.you can make a budget house with great aspiration. There are no tricks to build a low cost house at the price of building materials.if you want to make a budget house, you should prepare an excellent plan. You should make a plan after deciding the requirements of family members. You should  avoid unnecessary expenses. You should make a proper and well defined plan.At every stage of construction, keep aside the amount that is required for the works.it is impossible to complete to complete the construction of a house by staying within the estimated budget .you should  keep atheist 20% amount as additional savings before the construction begins.


            You should have a clear idea about the requirements. Do not copy others houses.It is a bad idea to build huge abodes with multiple rooms for a small family. Build a quaint home that is easy to Maintain. You can select hard rocks that will secure and support the structure.you can select laterite stones,hollow bricks to build the walls.Make sure that the bricks that you have chosen are easily available. You should select quality materials. 


      Tiles are the most popular flooring materials. You can purchase Gujarat tiles at Rs 20 to 25 ,Ceramic tiles at Rs 40 to 50.most of the people choose tiles that cost upto Rs 350.You should know that the low cost tiles are sturdy and visually elegant as brand ed tiles.you can save more than Rs 1 lakhs easily. Try to stay within  the budget while choosing bathroom fittings.commodes are available at Rs 50,000 and durable,visually beautiful commode and wash basins that cost upto Rs 1500 are also available in the market. You should  check the warranty of materials. 

       Light fittings are expensive items.chinese lights are available in our market. You should not buy low quality  lights.it have the durability of 3 years.you can’t throw them away when they no longer  work.you should purchase materials that are moderately priced and highly durable. Good quality  light fittings are available  at Rs 400 to 500 .These lights are long lasting. You can select ceiling  fans that suit your budget.


          Buying an affordable  house is a good investment. If you want seating arrangements,both indoor and outdoor, it is best to use masonry furniture.It is cost effective, made with bricks ,stones and cement .You can expose brick finish. It provides a warm and cozy ambience to your house.It gives a rustic look without spending too much. 


      For budget friendly houses,cement flooring is the right choice.you can easily  maintain and it is available at affordable  rates.you can decorate the concrete floors with mosaic tiles .you can use concrete for walls. You can expose pipes and fixtures. It gives a modern touch to your house.if there is ant leakage, you can easily  find it and repair it.


      You can use recycled woods.you can expose concrete blocks . It gives a modern look to your house .You can recycle and reuse your existing furniture to convert  a decorative item.you can avoid wooden doors. You can choose RCC door frames, PVC doors for bathrooms instead of wooden doors.


        We can see a budget house built at Rs 15 lakhs. It is in Pathirappally,Alappuzha. It is a very beautiful house.It is a new trend contemporary house.It is 1390 square feet house.It has 5 bedrooms. It is a one storey house. Interlock blocks are paved in the Courtyard. They used old roofing tiles for roofs.It helps to save a lot.


      There is a large sitout.4 pillars are here. These are readymade materials. They used granites in the steps and vitrified tiles in the sitout. They provide beautiful ceiling works. They used silica synthicate and gypsum to it. It does not absorb water. Mahogany and alkasia woods are used for doors and windows.


       There is a large living cum dining area.corner settee is arranged in the corner of living area.6mm window pipes diamond designs are given in the windows. A large shade is given in the living area to arrange showcase items.There is a space to set a TV unit.There is a beautiful ceiling work in the living area.Different colored strip lights are arranged. 


      Dining area is arranged near the living area.A simple wash basin is arranged. 5 bedrooms are here.well ventilated bedrooms are here.  Pvc ceiling is provided here.ward robes are available in the bedrooms. Two bedrooms are bathroom attached. A beautiful  kitchen is here.storage spaces are provided. Open and close cabinet spaces are provided. Pvc ceiling  provides a kitchen also. There is a second kitchen or work area. 


      It has totally Rs 19 lakhs.They will get roofing tiles at Rs 3.They clean with a jet pump and use it. They used square tubes. Calcium silicate,gypsum board,pvc panels are used for ceiling.pillar used in the stout has Rs 1250. They buy it from aroor.it is a budget friendly  house.


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