A bad news for e- ration card holders

       Today I would like to share with you, one of the most important information about one of the new scheme that came up during lockdown is the ration card schemes within 24 hours. We all know about that scheme . Free rice and Kit distributed through ration cards, ration cards are issued in the hope that they will get the card if they wish  to be included in the excluded category since they do not have the ration card. 

           People without ration card applied it. Similarly some people with a  ration card have applied, in spite of having a ration card and saying that   separate should have a ration card. There are many different types of complaint about this. The search for this has begun. A lot of unworthy people misuse this opportunity. So the people who buy the rice and the kit using this opportunity are getting a great job.

           After the lockdown is completed the supply office will perform well and the supply officer will come home and inspect the cards. Those ration cards taken will be cancelled. Then action will be taken against them. They  will be charged twice the amount of the benefit they purchased. If anyone does this , they will soon be prosecuted.

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