93 cents land suitable  for housing  and cultivation for Rs 16 lakh

      Today I would like to inform you about a land we can buy at Rs 16,000/cent.This land is road side. It is an ideal place for farming and housing.A lot of people are looking for a place to farm and build a house. This place is suitable for them. 

        Now increasing air pollution,it is best to keep your home in this scenic location. It maintains your good health. You can buy this land at Rs 16,000/cent. And you can start cultivation   there. 

       It is in Neelimala,Kallar panchayat, near Kanhangad town, kasargod.  It is 93 cents. 40 coconuts  and 100kavung(are a palm). Totally this land’s price is Rs 16 lakh. 

        It is a natural place.  School and hospital are close by this place. There are two wells with enough water in this place.This is a very suitable  place for cultivation.  There is a road near this place.

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