85 % Interior  designs of a   house  made of  aluminum 


      Aluminum  is a chemical  element. It has lower density  than other metals. It is a lightweight metal. It is used as a variety  of products  including  foils, cans,kitchen  materials, frames,etc. Aluminum  is expensive.  

     Today we are going to  see a variety house. 85 % of the interior design of this house   is made of aluminium.This house doesn’t need any maintenance for 100 years. The interior work of this house was completed in two and half months.

      The windows are also made of aluminium.The window frame and bar are also made of aluminum. For the construction of this house Woods are not used.It has low cost compared to wood. 

     An aluminium roof is also here.  It will last a long time.  Aluminium has been used for this house for a multi purpose. It has been used as a TV unit and crockery shelf opposite it.In the meantime the wall is not provided.

    The Aluminium is given the same look as the wood. We will get a look like this because the chemical bonding is done.we can’t break up it.  Wall paneling is done .bricks are not used here. 

       We can see wardrobes, study tables, windows ,beds made with aluminum.   Bed also has storage space. It has a Lot of storage space.  long warranty . This house has no maintenance.  We can clean the wall with power wash.

      It has no issues like texture break,fade,etc.weight of the bed same as wood. These beds are movable. We can see a variety  of kitchens, and a lot of cupboards are given. Kitchen partitions with aluminum.   Doors are also made with aluminum.  We can change the glass of the door also. 

         Ceilings can select the texture. Sliding wardrobes are given.  designs are also made with aluminum. They use aluminum  walls. We can see a safe window paneling.  Curtain is also made with aluminum. Gate is also made with aluminum.  It is lightweight  and powder coating. 

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