7 loans for women getting from banks 

        Today I want to share with you a very useful topic for women. There are a lot of women who want to do some businesses. The main obstacle is financial difficulties. They have not been able to find the necessary finances to start a movement . Today I want to share with you about getting special loans for women from banks. We can think of easy loans for women .

1)Mahila udyam scheme

            The first bank loan available to women is Mahila udyam scheme . This loan is available through Punjab National Bank . This loan is available for up to Rs 10 lakh. This is the case for small scale business units such as beauty parlour and day Care Units. The validity period of this learn is 10 years. Similarly Punjab National Bank given women a  special loan to buy self employed auto rickshaw ,car bikes.

2) Annapurna Padhathi 

         it is a scheme of the State Bank of India for women to operate a catering unit. With this loan you can buy kitchen utensils. The maximum loan amount is Rs 50,000. This amount must be paid off with in 3 years.

3) Stree Shakti package

           If you have own business or a partnership of more than 50 percentage of shareholding of other businesses, you will get the loan from this plan. If you are applying for a loan of more than Rs 2 lakh , you get a half percentage interest reduction.

4)  Bharathiya Mahila Bank business loan

        This loan is meant to start a new business in the retail sector. The maximum loan amount is up to Rs 20 crore. The interest rate for this scheme will be 10.15 percentage .

5)Dena Sakshi scheme

      Under this scheme, you will get  loan for micro credit, Retail Industry and agricultural production . This loan is available for up to Rs 20 lakh . Variation in its  industry can be made.

6) Udyogini scheme

           This is a loan scheme offered by Punjab National Bank for small scale industrial units and Agriculture. Age limit for this scheme  is 18- 45 years . Maximum amount of this loan is Rs 1lakh. 

7)Mudra Yojana loan

     This loan is available to all women who wish to start a business.

             You can go to any bank and apply for a loan with the exception of the bank named the schemes. First you must create a project report, before starting a business. It has to be submitted to the bank  when applying for a bank loan.

           There are many women who are not able to start a business because there are still a lot of eligible and talented woman who are struggling financially. These loans  can be of help to such people. Most women have no clear knowledge about this loans. Please share this information to others.

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