6 lakh budget house plan

         We are looking for amazing home plans ,but  our budget is low .So take the low cost budget home designs at 6 lakhs.

Many people need to build a home on a very low budget . Today we are introducing you to a 2 bedroom plan that can be built on a very low budget. 

       The budget of this house ranges from Rs 6 lakh to 10 lakh. 6 lakh  is the lowest budget. However people with a very tight budget can make a good house worth Rs 6 lakh. 3 ½ cents  enough to build this house. We first arrived at the house’s sitout. Getting straight from the sitout to the living and dining area. The living and dining area combined into a large hall . Sofa and the teapo can be placed in one corner of the living room. The dining table can be placed in the middle.

            Even if the living and dining area are together ,we get a separation. The dining area has a space to accommodate the TV unit. There is a crockery shelf attached to the TV unit . There is a washbasin.

        Kitchen has good space, the storage room is not separate . Storage space is provided in the kitchen itself . We can store kitchen accessories and more here. This house has two bedrooms with adequate space . There is also the queen bed size in two bedrooms . Both bedrooms have a wardrobes. There is also  space for put a table and chair.  

        There is only one common bathroom in this house. This is for the sake of austerity. For those who don’t have a big tight budget, you can give each attached  bathrooms for two bedrooms. The provision for that is in the plan .  

        A door that leads to the back of the house. Getting straight into a veranda space . This space can be provided with  a staircase for those who want a first floor expansion in the future . This is a design approach that is very practical . Maximum construction cost can be reduced .


  •  If the house is built in the style of a concrete structure with the standard roof, the budget would not exceed Rs 6 lakh. You can use oat/roofing sheet instead of concrete roof.
  •  The load on the house can be reduced and the depth of the foundation can be reduced .
  • Instead of bricks ,use stone or concrete solid blocks.
  •  Use regular tiles.
  •  Proper planning is essential 
  • save cash

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