A beautiful house with 3 bedrooms in 1450 squarefeet built at a cost of Rs 19 lakh

      Every person has a dream to make a beautiful house with low cost.sometimes expenditure goes beyond our budget.It is very difficult.A house ia a shelter  to everyone.  It provides privacy, security, and identity. It is a basic need of a person.  It gives comfort  to everyone.  We can make a home with our needs and interests.  Without a proper home, it is very difficult to change the rental  homes.

      A good home provides protection. We can make a home at low cost. We have a clear idea about how to make home. And we need budgeting. Instead of tiles we can use cement flooring.we can use old houses furnitures  to doors and windows. It minimizes  expenses. 

      We can use interlock blocks to build homes. Plan with estimates within small budgets . Firstly make a perfect  plan .Go for an experienced contractor to support low cost construction  methods.purchase all materials from a well known source.Avoid unnecessary rooms.Install LED bulbs. It will make your rooms specious. 

       Today I would like to introduce a1450 square feet house. It is 55 cents. This house includes sitout, living area,dining area,study area,3 bedrooms and kitchen.

It is always an open style.  It is a beautiful  house. The Mexican floor is constructed in the dining  area.we can see a separate  study area and book shelf.The staircase made with wood and the handrails made with stainless  steel cables. 

       3 bed rooms are bathroom  attached. Storage spaces are seen in the bed rooms  and kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are made with aluminium  fabrication.  Granite paved on counter tops. Avoid unnecessary decorations. The total budget of this house is Rs 19 lakh.Roofing tiles are taken from old houses.

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