30 benefits received as part of lockdown

          For people who have been locked up in their home as part of the covid, government has announced more than 30 benefits. The government has announced it  in such a way that all the people in the society will get this benefit. Many people do not know what these benefits, who get this benefits and when get ? So there is  ambiguity about each benefit. Let me explain here what is this benefit .

                   The first is the free ration that the government has started giving.  Free ration is offered in five ways.

  •  To the AAY card holders, provides 30 kg of rice and 5 kg of wheat to a family . 
  • People in the BPL category are given 4 kg of rice and 1 kg of wheat per person
  • 15 kg of rice is given to the blue and white card holders in the APL category.
  • If there have  more than 7 people,  they get extra 2 kg/ person.
  •  There is no card in your own name, but you will not receive a free ration ,if you are included in the other card .
  • If you give a  affidavit that I am not involved in in any ration card in this country. They will get free ration after checking the Aadhar card to see , if they are included in Ration card ,if not ,such  families will get the free ration .
  • Then there is the free ration announced by the central government . Not everyone gets it .
  • India, which has a population of 135 crore. plans to give 80 crore to its people. Distribution starts after the  20th of this month . Rice is given as 5 kg per person. It is available only in the BPL family members .3 months get in that way. In addition get 1 kg of beans. 

              A community kitchen has be set up to provide food for the suffering people in our country without food. Two and half million people in our country are being  fed through community kitchens. Community kitchens provide food for those who do not have the ability to afford a single meal . The meals are given for the economically able people at Rs 20.

            The pension from Rs 600 was increased to Rs 1200. The  two gadgets of Rs 1200 each are currently being supplied . The pension was increased  in April Rs 1300. For 5 months( Rs 1200 for four months and 1300 for April) the total amount will reach homes. 

              For very poor people who do not get pension the government has set aside Rs 100 crore to to give away Rs 1000/each.

               Similarly the central government has announced a scheme for giving Rs 1000 for widows and differently abled peoples . They will be available through their bank accounts.

             The central government has announced Rs 1000 for  older people with no financial ability .

            Get 3 gas cylinders, not everyone . Get one  cylinder per month. There are 8 crore people in India who have taken gas connections  through the Ujjwala scheme from central government . They will get this benefit.

          Grocery kit , Earlier it was decided to give only BPL families.  Now it also distributed to APL card holders .. The distribution starting on the 4th April. After delivery to BPL families, then distributed  to APL families. All families will get worth Rs 1000.There are17 items inside it. The state government has replaced 735 crore for this.

        Kisan Samman Nidhi, the government has announced Rs 6000  for the members. The government has decided to give Rs 2,000 for this month. It has just started to come into  bank accounts.

       There are many migrant workers who come to our state  as guest workers . Government decided to give them a package of goods worth Rs 400 a week and also decided to setup TV wherever they meet .

      Kudumbasree loan scheme, 46 lakh families are members of kudumbasree . The aim is to provide a loan for kudumbasree members as soon as possible. The loan is available upto Rs 20,000. Once you get Rs  20000 ,you will not have to pay installments, the first three or four months. Payment after 4 months is payable with 9 % interest .The interest will be paid by the government. So it is interest free scheme.

             Government of India has announced a plan to pay Windows and  differently abled people and older people get Rs 1000 for 3 months . It  will be available through their accounts.

         Jan Dhan account,  This is an account of the poor who need no balance in account. Women who are a member of this account have already started getting Rs 500 per month. It is available for 3 months.

           Provident fund ,those who are members of PF, will receive 75 %  loan from their account. The central government has to pay 24 % of the workers and employees of the company, where less than hundred workers work, for three months. The monthly salary should be less than Rs 15,000 .

        Welfare fund , There are about 50 welfare funds in the Kerala . The welfare fund has  announced the various benefit from Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000 .

         Moratorium , The Moratorium has been announced  three months for borrowers from banks and various Financial Institutions . The interest rate of 3 months declared by the common moratorium should be avoided . As per order now  issued by the Reserve Bank ,you will get a slow down to close the installments for 3 months. There was no order to pay interest.

         Health Insurance, The term  of Karunya Insurance Scheme, get Rs 5 lakh  by the end on March 31st . But that order has been the term extended to 3 months.

         Karunya benefit fund, it’s term  is extended from March 31st to June 31st. 

      The central government has decided  to increase the wages of the guarantors by Rs 20.The state government has decided to increase the employment by RS 1,000 crore.  It will be available for those who work after Corona.

        Rs  10 lakh was given loans to women self help groups. Increased the amount  upto Rs 20 lacs are given free of charge. 

      The auto, taxi fitting charges have been avoided for 3 months .

         The government has given three months time to pay the current/ water bill.

          The government has decided to pay back Rs  14000 crore in arrears.

        The Government of Kerala has  announced a package worth Rs 20,000 crore. The central government has announced a package worth  Rs 1,70,000 crore. This packages are a small benefit to all those who are suffering .

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