3 low investment  businesses – how to start , benefits 


      We can start a good business  with low investment. We can earn a good profit  from these businesses. A business  man aspires for a small investment  business  idea capable of massive  revenue. They search every possible  way to have the business run smoothly. Most  people  want to start their own business  rather than working  for others. They search for small scale  opportunities  with huge returns. But most of them think that earning  huge profits  requires large investment.  But we can start a business  with minimum  investment. 

        You can start your own business and turn your passion  into a profession.It would be hard for beginners  to find the right business idea for opening a new business.  Wrong decisions could ruin your investment  and time, you should select a business  idea depending  upon your financial  status,demographics, expertise,experience, local demand in the same field,etc.There are lots of business  opportunities  available in Various sectors due to rapid increasing of youths ,rising technologies, leadership driving innovation, growth  etc.

        You can start a business that requires  low investment  with a boost in technological advancements. You can start a business from your home.you should invest  an amount for your business.  You can procure funds from banks, community organizations, and co-operative societies. You should  plan well for success. It is very important to plan about the whole business  before the launch. 

       We can see 3 businesses  that can start with Rs 3000. We should be completely involved and intend to do business.  These businesses are not innovative  businesses, but these are basic needs. It needs strong desire from you and marketing  first. You should capture  marketing  prior to starting a business.  A business  also need time and effort for its success, 

  1. Juice making

          Juice making is a highly profitable  business. You can earn a good profit  from this business. You will get good marketing  also. Lot of people prefer  freshly squeezed juices without  added color, flavor and preservatives. You need recipes, equipment,and permission  from departments. 50 % growth seen in the juice consumption.  We can select natural  healthy juices.  We can select ginger,bitter gourd,Tulsa, honey and mix healthy juices. We can reach into their homes, you can start a subscription.  You can brand each product  and make a brochure to describe its benefits. You will get recurring revenue.  You should make an advertisement  before starting a business.  You should make tasty juices. 

2.laundry business

      You can start a mobile laundry business.  You can earn a good profit  from this business.  You clean fabric  for your customers.  Everyone wants to live a relaxed life. It doesn’t require educational  qualifications. You can start this business  by working  in a well established  laundry firm. Research your marketing. Be prepared  to handle emergency  situations. Supporting  staff is necessary. You should register your business. You can collect and  wash the clothes. You can start an ironing facility  also. This business is growing 40 % in our society. 

3. Organic materials  business

You can start to prepare organic materials  such as mung bean powder,shoe flower hair cleaner,charcoal powder,etc. Now most of the people  prefer organic  products. So you will get good marketing  for this business.  You will get a good profit  from this business.  You can definitely replicate it.  These all are viable  businesses. It needs a strong desire and good marketing.  .you should provide a good awareness to the society.  You will get a good margin from these businesses.  

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