3 important  benefits before the month of April

        Today I would like to inform you about 3 benefits from our state government. Last year we get many benefits from our state and central government.Increased our pension amount and we get free kits through ration shops.

     This year we get 3 benefits before vishnu. We get pension amount Rs 1600 to our bank accounts.We ger free kits associated with easter vishu.The students get laptop through vidya sree scheme.Mainly they get 3 types of laptops. They are  Lenovo laptop, Acer laptop,coconix laptop.

     The price of Lenovo is Rs 18,000,the price of Acer is 17,883,The price of coconix lap top is Rs 14,990. These lap tops have 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. 

     50% subsidy gets  for priority ration card holders. Kerala lap top scheme provides to the lower category students. Because they  are getting many troubles for studying and they have not proper channel as compared to other students.

     It helps to overcome all the troubles in their education. Our state government spend about Rs 311 crores to enforce this programme.

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