Covid 19  assistance of Rs 5,000 to pravasi and traders

           At this time when covid is spreading,  our state government is taking precautionary measures. Government  offers us a variety of benefits. In the time of covid-19, it has been decided to pay up to Rs 5000 to ordinary people who have applied. This amount is non refundable. 

                Increased the risk allowance by 20-25 %  for those working against covid 19, under the National Health Mission and increases the existing salary package. Many business institutions  were closed during the last floods. The state government is now taking steps for such institutions as well.

        There was a scheme to provide Rs 5000 through NORKA ROOTS  to expatriates who could not return.Rs 5000 was the biggest financial  help to them. A lot of people applied for it, but their applications were all pending. About Rs 9 crore was initially  sanctioned. This amount only reached the accounts of the 30,000 people who completed the first verification. Later a lot of people completed the verification, but were a doubt  of where the money would come from.

           Finally around Rs 50 crore was returned to the bank accounts of the expatriates  from the chief minister’s disaster relief fund provided by our state government. The money will soon reach the expatriates  bank accounts after being transferred from the relief fund to NORKAROOTS. At present, Rs 5000 is credited to the accounts of exatriates who have completed the verification.

        Many business institutions  have been in crisis since last year’s floods. They are members of the welfare fund or even receive  Rs 5000 as a grand. Currently about 10800 companies have been selected for this benefit.

         For NHM’s who are currently working on a daily wage basis or contract workers  their pay has been increased. They are doing a very risky job in the time of this covid-19. Such a help is provided in order to fully supported them. 

            Similarly, their risk allowance has been increased from Rs 20 to 25%. The state government has decided to provide all kinds of benefits according to their work. Medical officers, junior health officers,  doctors, pharmasists, and nurses will get an increase of upto Rs 20, 000. 

         They also get a 20 % risk allowance. The state government has announced  various similar benefits this August month. All of this benefits will reach up in our  bank accounts. Please share this information to others.

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