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Archives / February 10, 2021

The habits that destroy  our brain

     Today I would like inform you about the habits that destroy  our brain. Now all peoples works through online. Now it has become impossible to live without internet. With the rise of covid 19, even the education of our school children has become online.Mobile phone and computer are the powerful machines.       An average computer stores...CONTINUE READING

We can change the background  of photo

       Today I would like to inform you how to change the background  of a photo.When others change the back ground,do we not feel the urge to do the same. I want to share with you how it is. We can the change the background  easily.        We can use an application  photo room to this ....CONTINUE READING
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Mangalya samunnathi scheme  for married young women

    Today I would like to inform you about a marriage financial assistance  for young women. They will get up to 1 lakh.This benefit is available to married young women.Parents of married women can apply for this benefit.       If the parents of the married girl have died,the girls can apply for this benefit.This scheme is called...CONTINUE READING