2000 crores package ,each with a loan of Rs 20000 

           The state government will facilitate Rs 2,000 crore loans 

through self help group ‘kudumbasree’ in the nature of a consumer loan. It  is the state poverty eradication and women empowerment scheme.

              It would be made available to needy families through kudumbasree during April and May . Prior  to the floods ,the kudumbasree packages were made to help the ordinary peoples. This is a Government sponsored loan. The government bring it  to as through. This scheme was approved by our government. Other measures are being completed as per the bankers association decision . This benefit will be available to others, if the government orders it.

  • Getting loans 2.9 lakh neighbourhood groups in our state . 
  • It has about the 46 lakh  members. Thus a family can get up to  Rs.20000. 
  • Our government will bear interest on this. 
  • The repayment period of this scheme for 3 years.
  •  The Moratorium is likely  to get this in 3 to 6 months.


  •  Kudumbasree units.
  •  Loans from their banks may not exceed Rs 10 lakh .

      This is useful for ordinary people who cannot go to work due to covid-19. It is reported that kudumbasree unit can get up to 6 lakh.

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