20 home based businesses that can be started for less than Rs 5000   


     Every person  wants to start a business. But most of them think that it needs a large amount of capital to start a business. But we can start a business with low capital. We can  start these businesses  from home.we can see some  small business ideas Start with below Rs 5000. These businesses  have high demand  in the market. It doesn’t need machinery. 

      A lot of businesses have suffered big  losses because of lockdowns. But there has been no change  in the business  of necessities that we constantly  use. They made huge profits.  So we can see some home made businesses that can start less than Rs 5000.you can select  a business  as your taste.

  1. Fabric conditioner business 

         Fabric conditioner is a chemical agent used to prevent  static cling and make fabric softener by coating the surface of cloth fibres with a  thin layer of chemicals. It has lubricant  properties and they are electrically conductive. It makes the clothes feel softer  and smoother. It prevents static elasticity. Improve the iron glide during ironing. It increases  resistance to stain and reduces wrinkles. Demand for fabric conditioners in the market is increasing. We can start fabric conditioner business  very easily and affordably. You should select the best marketing strategy for these products. You should give a trial pack of these fabric conditioners as a gift to friends, neighbours ,and relatives. You can sell your products offline and online.The price of 200 ml of fabric conditioner in the market  is Rs 70.It gives a pleasant  smell to the clothes and it has an antibacterial  action. We can start this business  at Rs 3000.

  1. Liquid detergent making  business 

           Detergents are mainly used to remove dust and dirt from soiled clothes. We can’t imagine washing your laundry without detergents. We can use this detergent for both hand wash and machine wash. Liquid detergent is the liquid form of detergent. So you can select a liquid detergent as a good profitable business. We can select  this business from our doorstep and sell it from our home. Liquid detergents dissolve quickly in water. Most people prefer liquid detergent for  machine washing. We can manufacture liquid detergents at a very cheap price and can be sold for great profit. It gives a good fragrance and softens the clothes. You should add continuously required ingredients in the correct proportions.It has high demand  in the market in the future. We can start this business  at Rs 2000.

  1. Popcorn making business 

          It is the fastest growing snack food business. It is a profitable business. Popcorn is an easy to digest airy and scummy  snack . So people prefer to take it while watching movies ,  sitting in restaurants and offices. It is high in fibre, low in sugar and fat . It  has a good nutrition value. It contains vitamin K,A and Calcium. Show popcorn business owners enjoy that it is a business of all seasons. If you plan to start a new business without conducting any market research at initial level,  your business may face several troubles. Marketing research is very important. Proper marketing helps to know the best platform to reach your audience for selling your products. You can start this business with Rs 2500.

  1. Car perfume gel business 

       It is a very profitable business . We  can start this business at low cost. You should create a name for your business and register your corporation. Apply for business liability.It has a high demand  in the market.  We can sell it online and offline. We can start this business at Rs 2000. 

  1. Agarbatti manufacturing business 

        It requires low-grade technology and it is an export oriented manufacturing industry. So the initial investment is very low. It has high demand in the market and it is considerably higher during celebrations. Small machinery and equipment are needed for its manufacturing. Agarbatti making business depends on individual capacity. This  business mainly needed company registration, GST registration ,EPF registration, ESI registration and a trade licence , pollution certificate and factory licence. The materials needed for making Agarbatti accessible in the Indian market . The raw materials are aromatic ingredients and natural aromatic oil.we can start this business at  Rs 5000.

6.Hand wash business 

      Hand wash is  a consumable item and the demand for it is increasing in all areas. It needs different types of licences and permission  from different government authorities. You should make a business plan for hand washing. Determine the type of liquid soap and initiate a manufacturing business recommended to a sample project report. You can start this business on a small scale. Purchase quality raw materials from vendors. If you plan properly it is a profitable business.It has a high demand in the market.  We can start this business  at Rs 2000.

7. Candle manufacturing  business 

         It is a  highly profitable business. Candle manufacturing needed paraffin wax ,yarn,different  colors,molds,decorative  items,fragrances and wick. This is a very popular business. The investment required to start this business is much less. The process of manufacturing candles is very simple. It does not require machineries. You need only wick and wax to start this business. Traditional candle demand comes from religious needs. The demand for aromatic and decorative candles has increased. You should do market research and collect information about the demand and the competition of candles in the local markets. Need a trade licence for this business.  you must register your business.  GST registration is necessary.we can start this business  at Rs 3000.you will get a good profit  from this business.  We can buy molds from online markets. 

8. Transparent soap manufacturing 

        We can make transparent soap in our home. It needs 75 % hard oil like coconut oil ,palm oil,etc. Solvents added can be soft and it contains a lot of soft oil including  castor oil. Transparent soap is clear soap with high glycerine content. It is less drying than the Opaque shop . It has additional emollient oils. We can make different  fragrant soaps. We can make soaps like pears.

 9. Car shampoo making business 

     It is a good business idea to start with just low capital. Car shampoo is  useful for people who have their own cars. It is a good business opportunity.It has a high demand  in the market. We can start this business  at low cost. 

10.glass cleaner manufacturing  business 

      Glass cleaner manufacturing business is an attractive venture. It is in high demand in the market . It has several advantages. A Low Capital requirement is needed to start this business. First you learn how to start this business. Make a good business plan. The business plan will ensure that you are accomplishing the right things in the right order. Make a target market like  storefront ,the government buildings ,universities , car dealerships ,restaurants,etc.you can start this business  in our home. You will get a good profit from this business. 

11. Dish wash Manufacturing  business 

     Dishwashing bars are a very  important  product in our life. It  is used to clean all the dishes which are being used. It is used to clean all the kitchen appliances. Most people prefer using dishwash bars. Itihaas a huge demand in our market. You should require a license of GST registration, trade licence, Trademark ,Udyog Aadhar registration certificate,etc. The raw materials like  soaps, fatty acids,Ester, hand tools , perfumes ,colour ,phosphates, Chemicals are required.you will get a good profit  from this business. 

12. Hand sanitizer business 

     We come in contact with the dust, dirt and germs. Just stay away from sickness. It is important that you wash your hands after being exposed to unhygienic conditions. So we must watch your hands before and after eating food. Commercially available hand sanitizer contains alcohol containing the chemical and synthetic sense. We can make  hand sanitizers at home. Now it has high demand  in the market.  We can make it in our home easily . We can start this business  at Rs 3500. 

13. Detergent  powder making  business

      We can start this business  in our home. It is a very simple business. It is one of the most feasible businesses. It has a great opportunity in the market.

14.. Paper bag manufacturing  business 

    It is a profitable business  in India. It is a carry bag made from paper which is produced from chemical pulp. We can make paper bags different in their  quality, texture ,colour and print. We can also make it from recycled paper. Paper bags are commonly used in packaging. We can make paper bags for general purposes,medical use, jewellery packaging ,shopping bags and food items packing. All companies want to pack their products in paper bags due to eco friendliness. You can make a good marketing strategy and sell paper bags to the bakeries ,groceries ,Jewelleries, mobile shops ,restaurants  and  Cloth Merchants,etc. It is start with Rs 2000.

15. Face wash making business 

       We can start this business at a low cost .Face wash is a beauty and personal care product. It is a liquid soap. Every age group of the population uses this product. It nourishes skin ,removes pollutants, cleansing the skin, controls excessive oil,removes the dead cells and it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. We can see different types of face washes in the market. You can find  face wash for normal skin, dry skin ,oily skin and for face lightening. So you can select a face wash manufacturing business. 

16. Floor cleaner manufacturing  business 

      Cleaning products have high demand in our market because people clean all the time everywhere. Floor cleaners help the housekeeping to keep the house neat and clean. Cleaning helps to  the removal of Dirt and dust in our home. Floor cleaning market is the second largest product category.so you can select  this business.  You will.l get a huge profit  from this business.  You can start this business  at Rs 3500.

17. Disinfection liquid  manufacturing  business 

        It is a good profitable  business.  Now disinfectants are very important.  It has high demand  in our market.  We can make a variety  of hospital  grade disinfectants  for use in health care ,schools,offices, daycares,restaurants, etc. A big part of infection control includes sanitation processes like regular cleaning and disinfecting. You can start this business  at Rs 2000.

18. Toilet cleaners production

      We can earn a good profit  from this business.  People are gaining  awareness about cleanliness. In the market you can find many types of bathroom cleaners. You can make the right  bathroom cleaner at home with some ingredients. We need a license for this business.

19. Liquid blue production 

       We can start liquid blue manufacturing  business  in our home, ever people use it in their lives. So it has a high definition of the market. It has high demand.  It needs a low process. 

20. Phenyl  making business 

      Liquid phenyl is emulsion of light creosote oil and water with soap. It has a high  marketing strategy. We can make phenyl with an easy procedure in our home. The demand of phenyl is increased by increasing the awareness of Health and cleanliness. You should know the licence and registration process required for phenyl manufacturing business. Trade licence, PCB ,ROC, GST registration are required for this business.We can start this business  at Rs 3500.

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