20 business ideas for women 2022

         India has a remarkable growth in the number of women entrepreneurs. Women are striding into every industry. New small businesses are increasing everyday across our country. A significant portion of new businesses are started by women. The options can seem endless and decide on a small business idea. Some people start a business with a little extra money from their regular income. But others start business with the intention of business. If you want to start a business you should find the perfect business idea.You can start the business based on your hobby or your skills and resources. Nowadays women are more career oriented, competent and intelligent. There are a lot of women with unique ideas, skill sets and visions for the future.


       There are a lot of business ideas for women. Most of the women can struggle while deciding the right business idea. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, success is the right  business idea.you can start home based, online,businesses. All of these business ideas are profitable. You can start it with low startup costs.you can start it at home.You can start any type of business. You can start a business to make her identity. You gain confidence.you should invest the passion. You can earn a good profit from this business.Do not think it is your work. You should take a happy job. You should select a field in your favor.you will get satisfaction from your business.you should make a brand. Then make products and sell them through this brand.

  • Food industry business


 There are various food business ideas in the market. If you are a food lover you can start a food business. A food business including preparation, processing and manufacturing or packaging food. Food Industry has become very competitive. So a lot of people have started this business. If you want to start a food business you should maintain quality, taste and hygiene.it has high demand in the market. You can start this business in your home. You can start it with low investment. You can earn good profit from this business.You can make homemade foods and sell them to others. You can prefer ready-made food also.you can sell it to nearest restaurants. You can prefer packed items.


  • Cloth business


        Clothing business is the type of trader and industry along the production of clothes. It is the Oldest and most profitable business. Clothes are an essential part of Living. Most entrepreneurs start a garment business. If you have passion for fashion you can start a clothing business.you can buy bulk materials from other states and sell to neighbors. You can earn a good profit from this business.you can start a group and sell it through whatsapps.you can prefer sports dress, churidar, kids dress, etc


  • Virgin coconut oil


     You can make a business with virgin coconut oil. You fan makevit at home, pack and sell.


  • Jam


  You can make jam with all fruits. You can pack it and sell.you should make natural jams. Do not add any type of chemicals. You should add low sugar. You can start this business with low investment. It needs less space,easily available raw materials and simple machines.It is a good choice.


  • Designed cloth covers


      You can make different colors of cloth covers and supply more than 5 clothes. You can earn a good profit.


  • Flavoured tea powder


You can purchase tea powder from Assam and add flavors like spices to it.you can purchase it through indiamart. Then pack it and sell it to the nearest shops. You can earn a good profit from this business.


  1. Squash


You can make squashes and pack them well.it is a low investment business.First you should make marketing.


  1. 8. French fries


You can buy potatoes, cut it well, fry it and pack well. Then sell it to nearest shops and markets.


      9.Grated coconut


     You can start it with less investment.it has 2 days validity. You can purchase a grinding machine and start a business.


  1. Mango seed powder


      It is a very good medicinal product. It reduces dandruff. It is a very good product for women. You can sell it to the ayurvedic shops.


  11.Jackfruit seed


       is a very profitable business. You can add it to the rice powder also.you should enter the benefits, recipe in the covers.


  1. 12. Banana powder


You can purchase a drying machine. Then dry bananas and pack it well. Then sell to the nearest shops.


  1. Salad packs


      You can cut the vegetables and make packets. Then sell it at the nearest shops.


14.sprouted grains


You can select sprouted grains like peas. Then packed it well and sell iut to the shops.


  1. Jackfruit business


You can make varieties of dishes with jackfruit and make business.


16.vacuum fry chips


You can fry chips of vegetables without oil. It is a very profitable business.it has very high demand in the market. You can purchase this machine at Rs 2 lakhs.


  1. Thunder coconut


   You can pack thunder coconuts and sell them to the shops. It has high demand in the market.


  1. Fried chicken packet


You can make chicken fry. Then pack it well.


  1. Ice cube business


You can make small edible ice cubes. Then sell it to the bars, juice shops. It is a lucrative business.


20.maternity wears


You can make maternal wear, kids wear. Make a brand and sell it to shops. You can create Maternity clothes and accessory boutiques.


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