Central Government new driving licence scheme 2020 new driving licence scheme 2020 

      Our driving licence is changing. This will definitely benefit you. Whether you are a driving licence holder or a applicant for a new driving licence. People who apply or renew through the new  centralised web portal Sarathi are moving to the new licensing system.

           All the driving licences in the state are shifting to Sarathi website. Around  85 percentage of the countries driving licences are changing. It turns into a 15 digit driving licence number. Currently on the right side of the photo in our driving licence, the office number, driving licence number and year of licence are shown. Now there are adding a number starting with a centralised number zero. People who got a driving licence by applying through Sarathi website, people who got the renewable number, do not have to go to the office where  you were assigned and re issue. You can link it wherever you go.

 Benefits of this number

  •   There are many Malayalees working in other states. Such persons may  apply for a licence from the state in which they reside , renew and will do online payment also.
  • Non  state employees of our state  can apply, renew, for a licence from Kerala itself. The licence is going to be unified.
  •  If you violate the law, u will be fined. We  have to make a payment through online.
  •  If  for any reason you do not pay the fine ,you will not receive any remaining services.
  • People who currently have a valid driving licence ,do not need to do anything.
  • When the time comes for renewal, you will receive the new number via   the Sarathi web portal.
  •  The first two digits of this number will be zero.
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