Kudumbasree KSFE chit Fund provides a laptop for students 

              It is an important opportunity for all parents . schools and colleges in Kerala have changed  the class of this year due to lock down by Corona. Online classes begun for all students state wise since the month of June . The laptop has become an essential part of every household at this time. So this is the time when the cost of laptops are rising. In this case we would like to share with you today a scheme  to provide laptops with low cost and subsidized laptops.

         According to the statement of Dr Thomas Isaac, 2 lakhs laptops will be distributed to students within 3 months . Kudumbasree and KSFE together starting a laptop micro chit for distributing laptop to the students. It provides online classes for students neighboring hood  group Study Centre . And also parents can be a part of this scheme. In this scheme ,KSFE provides a plan for you. You will need to deposit Rs 500 for 30 months .If you will be able to deposit the principal amount to continuously after every 10 months, KSFE will give the amount for the next month. 

         After joining the chit  amount for laptop will be given in the third month by our government. It is distributed via kudumbashree to the students . The  IT Department of Kerala will release a tender to finalize the distributors. In this scheme, the kudumbashree will get 2 percentage of commission from the monthly installment. And also there is a chance to get the subsidy for SC ,ST ,fisheries and public department. 

          Thus  parents who wish to get a laptop can join  this chit. The laptops are distributed through kudumbashree. They are supplied the  laptops for study purposes, costing Rs 15,000. This is the chit Fund by ksfe for kudumbasree. Payment of Rs 15,000 on this chit  for 30 months. 1500 will be paid by KSFE itself. The cost of the laptop is over and will be returned when the leftovers arrive. MLAs can be subsidized their funds. For this kind of subsidy is payable in ksfe,   paying subsidies like this will reduce the times of laptop chities. Please share this information to others

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