16 countries with Visa free entry

         We are all love to travel. We are all travel to many countries. We travel to many countries for work ,visiting and study. We also travel to many countries for leisure and business purposes. Visa is  required when we travel to other countries.

         But now for Indian Passport holders,16 countries have made visa free entry available. Today I would like to share with you which countries have visa free entry. 

        The external affairs minister informed the Rajya Sabha about this. 43 countries offer visa on arrival facility and 36 countries offer e-visa facility for Indian Passport holders.

        Let us see  which countries have visa free entry for Indian Passport holders. Bhoottan, Dominica, Barbados, Granada, Heithi,Hongkong,Maldives,mouresious, montserrat, Nepal,neudweep,samova,Senegal,Trinidad and Tobago,St Vincent and grenadines,Serbia,

Visa on arrival countries 


E visa countries including sri lanka ,new zealand ,Malaysia.

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