15 important Truths , you can’t believe 

           We are here to explain to you 15 important truths  to be aware of when dealing with the public society. Knowing that it will be much easier for us to behave people.

1) There are three situations in which people can behave badly.

  •  First one is the people, they love the most people,they are   ignoring them . 
  • The second thing is when they  get good appetite. it’s ok until noon,and  if they don’t get food in the afternoon, people’s behaviour changes .
  • The third is when there is a feeling of isolation.

We need to be aware of the situation that makes people behave badly .

2) If we ever experienced a special event in our childhood. Example :- The smell of spray  that was used by our loved ones, we ever experience that smell. We will go back to the old memories. Similarly, at young age we go to a death home , see the dead body and we catch the smell of spray coated on the body . That is the speciality of our brain. Then many years later, even though it is not a dead person, we will remember that dead body when the smell of the spray comes on. Always childhood memories really carve  our brain. We will connect everywhere the first experience.

3)  When asked, if the male or female eats the highest amount of food, the quickest answer is always male. Generally we say that the  men work the most and they have a strong body .so they eat the most. In fact, If you look at the food consumption 1 year, females eat more than 20 to 25 percentage of food than male .

4) Cheating mentality is 50% more common for males than  females . The male person have increased cheating mentality in financially, life ,and relationship .

5) 40 %  of women tell lies about their age.

6) Some people use bad words and languages. Whatever they are talking about can be bad things. But the people who behave like that are very nice people. What a bad guy it is, when we talk to them quickly. But he may also be loved person and helper. He has no cheating mentality. But the tongue  does not have any licence. People who speak over are often good people.

7)  In the world , If 90 %  of the people who have won, they will have a close friend who has won before. Only those who joined to the successful persons life has won. The truth is that, he has a friend that he has succeed in life. 

8) There are people who dominate the right hand and left hand. World studies have shown, the left hand dominates are the more intelligent and smart than right hand peoples.

9) You are doing good for someone else and giving a lot of love. Surely they will treat you cruelly or badly the other day. It  is certain that they will hurt you at least one day. When we have a situation that needs to be asked, “why have you done this to me, even though I have done you so much good “,remember that is the human nature. When helping others,remember that they will speak against us  at least one day. That is why don’t be helpless.

10) 90 %  of the people in the world are people who are concentrating on their beauty. If  they do some tips for their beauty ,then they won’t let say that tip out.

11) When we talk about things that don’t relate to us, we tell” it just  leave it ,does not matter “. When we are dealing with something terribly difficult ,when someone else  also tell ‘it does not matter, just leave it ‘ to you ,remember it does not affect him. This is a method most people do.

12) In our life ,if there is someone who helps us a lot, they will be the worst for us.

13) When people ask weather happiness exist in busy people /simply sitting people. The most busy people are those who are most happy .

14 )Exercised, if the body is sweating, that skin is the best skin.

       Once  these are accepted,  you will fill it easier to engage with the public.

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