The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is a leading institution in the UAE, providing quality education and contributing to research and development in the country. Apply for the latest job vacancies in the UAEU and this could be one of the finest chances to work within one of the oldest and largest comprehensive federal universities in UAE. The UAEU has laid the vacancies for recruiting personnel under more than 160 posts in different levels of the institutions. Read on for further details.

LocationUnited Arab Emirates
Job RollSelective
job typeFull Time Job
EducationAny Degree/ Diploma
Last Updated On5 .1.2024.
Expected salaryAttractive salary.
Salary Unit Monthly

An overview of the institution- United Arab Emirates University

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is known to be one of the oldest and largest comprehensive federal universities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The university was established in 1976 and is located in Al Ain, in the east of Abu Dhabi. The institution is a public research university opened for everyone which offers various courses in subjects to post graduation. The university was founded by the late Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The UAEU aspires to become a research-intensive university. It enrolls approximately fourteen Emirati and international students from across different parts of the world.

The UAEU offers a vast range of courses for the students. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs across various fields of studies. Fields under the university provide the courses include the arts and science, engineering, business and economics, information technology, and more. The university has been structured into various other plots organised for the definite courses. The structure has been developed into various colleges and academic departments which provides the student with feeling comfortable in dealing with building for a specific study and diverse opportunities.

The UAEU is an institution that is distinguished in providing quality education for all the students and seekers who come in willing for developing a career with the educational system. It aims in providing high quality education that meets the international standards for the students and promotes research and innovation in every field the student desires that are part of the definite university. The university is committed to producing well-rounded graduates who can contribute to the development of the UAE and the global communities in different topics and sections.

The UAEU is also prone to provide various other educational programs. The UAEU is also actively engaged in research and other academic processes. It has also developed a lot of other research centres and institutions for the students. Each centre is defined in the different fields of the courses the university provides. The university also provides centres for focusing on different areas such as energy, water, resources, agriculture, health and environmental studies. The university also encourages the facilities and students to participate in each research activity put forward by the institution and collaborate with national and international partners for the betterment of the world.

The UAEU takes adequate care while appointing the faculties for each and every department of the institution. It ensures that the right person with the right qualification takes that place. Everyone who is interested to join the UAEU is welcomed by the country irrespective of their country or region. The campus provided by the UAEU also plays a vital role in providing the students a space for their research and academics. The campus provides a modern and supportive learning environment, equipped with state of the art facilities and resources for the students and the faculties. 


The United Arab Emirates Universities has provided a lot of opportunities for the aspirants wishing to begin a career in Dubai in 2023. The institution provides various facilities for the faculties and staff employed in the institution which keeps them comfortable in the surroundings of work place. the following listed are some of the vacancies provided in the official website of the United Arab Emirates University:

Job Title Location Action 
InstructorUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant Professor Molecular BiologyUAEDetails & Apply
Associate ProfessorUAEDetails & Apply
Postdoctoral FellowUAEDetails & Apply
Professor/ Associate ProfessorUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant/Associate Professor in Human Nutrition/Food ScienceUAEDetails & Apply
Associate ProfessorUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant/Associate ProfessorUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant Professor in Livestock Production and ManagementUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant ProfessorUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant Professor in Single Cell BiologyUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant/Associate ProfessorUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant or Associate ProfessorUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant/Associate/Full ProfessorUAEDetails & Apply
Faculty all ranksUAEDetails & Apply
Assistant /Associate Professor UAEDetails & Apply
Instructor, GeneticsUAEDetails & Apply
Faculty all ranksUAEDetails & Apply
Professor in English LiteratureUAEDetails & Apply

More Details please visit the official site – Details and apply

Official Mail – servicedesk@uaeu.ac.ae

Not only these vacancies but the institution has given a wide list of more than 160 vaccines for different posts in various levels of the institutions in the official website of the UAEU. Qualifications for each post vary accordingly. The institution welcomes the aspirants who have strong academic qualifications for the mentioned posts. This could be a good opportunity for the candidates for beginning a bright career in Dubai.

How to apply

The United Arab Emirates University has published its vacancies list for recruiting personnel in various posts in different levels of the institution in the official website. The institution has laid for more than 160 vacancies in different departments. The candidates can log in to the official website and choose for their desired post and apply. The application process is completely online.

The candidates are required to submit a relevant and genuine CV along with the application. The CV must consist of all the relevant experiences in a similar field, or the qualification required for getting into the institution. Later submit the application. The scrutinized CV will be called on for further recruiting process. All the necessary information is given in the official website of UAEU. 

So what are you waiting for, if you were the one waiting to work in one of the best universities of the United Arab Emirates, then this is the chance. Grab on to your system and log in to the official website of UAEU, and choose on to your desired post and apply. Who knows maybe it’s you to be hired in.

Good Luck.