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Are you in search of a job in the United Arab Emirates? Then your search is over. Read below the details on  the available vacant positions in Memco company.

About Memco

Memco is an engineering construction business with its headquarters in the Middle East. Its areas of expertise include construction, specifically electrical, mechanical, HVAC, irrigation, and infrastructural work. Both the promotion of a culture of competence and the continued viability of the organization depends critically on the high quality of the service goods and the reliability with which they are delivered. The provision of a foundation for quality and the ongoing improvement of the requirements of efficiency, levels of service, and products is the purpose of the management system being discussed here. The incorporation of these changes into our products, as well as our standards for efficiency and levels of service. All of the partners, managers, and staff members have equal responsibility for the system’s initial deployment as well as its continued development. Memco Dubai Careers

This experience has been recorded inside the formal and unofficial procedures, and it makes a significant contribution to the company’s reputation for successfully reaching high professional standards and quality designs. 

Company Name Memco
Location UAE
Job RollSelective
job typeFull Time Job
Job Published English Date07.07.2023
Expected salaryAttractive salary
Salary Unit Monthly

Service and Products – Memco

The company offers a wide range of services like the following: 
  • General Contractor
  • General Building Construction
  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Engineering Consultant
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Garden Lightning
  • Health Services 
  • Town Planning
  • Waste Management

Vacancies in Memco

Engineering graduates with five years of experience can apply to the open positions posted by the company. Memco also provides a growth environment that supports the learning and development of each employee.Vacancies published by the company are the following:  (Dubai more jobs APPLY NOW)

No Vacancy Available Now. More details please visit the official site.

Whether or not an employment opportunity is a hoax or a real one

 These days, con artists are incredibly sophisticated, which makes it difficult to assess whether or not a job offer is real or a false one. The primary objective of these cons is to separate the victims from their money as quickly as possible after they have been duped.

  • Never ever pay.

When applying for a position at a well-known company, a potential employee must keep in mind that the employer would never ask for payment of any kind. There are some people who, after applying for a specific job, receive offer letters in the mail announcing that they have been chosen for the position for which they will be required to pay a given sum of money. These are not legitimate job offers; you should never take them up on them.

procedure of interviews

  • Interview 

The interview ought to be done in a formal manner. Always prefer to have a face-to-face connection over an interview over the phone. Telephonic interviews aren’t nearly as effective. Con artists often engage in unethical interview practises, which expose their victims to potential danger.

  • Job details

In the event that the particulars of the position are not described in the advertisement for the job, candidates should investigate if they will be paid a salary or a commission. The candidates are required to provide specific information regarding the pay scale, including when and how they will be paid. They ought to abandon the notion of working for the company if it is unable to guarantee either an hourly rate or a wage for them.

Take extreme caution at all times.
How to Apply 

Interested candidates have to apply through the official website of the company. The candidates must provide educational and experience details while filling the application form. An error free CV together with a perfectly written cover letter have to be uploaded for the completion of the application process. 

Official Site – Details

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