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How to download birth certificate online

Birth certificate is an important document of a person. It can refer to either the original document certifying the birth or represent ensuing registration of birth.It is a Permanent and official record of a child.The child who is not registered at birth,they didn’t have an identity, recognized name and nationality.It helps to get school admission, ration card,voter ID,marriage registration, employment, etc.

An individual’s identity is determined from the time he is born.birth registration is the first step towards establishing an individual’s citizenship.The child should be registered immediately after birth.A birth certificate is an official document, it contains the child’s name,place of birth,relationship with his parents.

According to the RBD act,birth should be registered within 21 days.if parents fail to register within 21 days,they can still pay fees and register within one year.if registration is delayed more than a year,they provide for the magistrate to pass an order to record the birth after one year.

Birth registration provides recognized evidence of a child’s birth. It provides proof of age.it provides entry to the national population register.most of the people do not know about the importance of birth certificate. Lack of awareness about birth registration.

You can register online for a birth certificate. Birth certificates are mandatory for all people. Kerala birth certificates are issued from the registration centers where the parents were residing at child’s birth.Kerala government has launched a portal for you to register the birth certificate online.

Identity card of mother or father
Hospital letter
Certificate of doctor
Address proof
In case of delayed registration, an affidavit from a judicial magistrate is mandatory.

You can check the status of your birth certificate. You can download the birth certificate.

How to apply online for birth certificate

Visit the official website of lsgkerala.com
Select the quick link section.
Select birth certificate
Fill online application with correct details
Click on the submit button.

How to search birth certificate

Visit the official website of Sevana.
Click certificate search option
Select district, local body.
Click on submit.
Select the year of birth.
Enter name of child,date of birth,gender,name of mother,name of father,hospital,registration number.
Click on the search button.

You can change the name on your birth certificate. If you want to change the name of child in birth certificate:
Request letter from parents
Photo ID of parents
Joint Affidavit of parents
Educational document of child

Correction in parents name ,minor mistakes like spelling mistakes, surname,initials).
Request letter from the person
Photo ID of parents
Joint Affidavit of parents
Educational document of parent

Correction in address
Request letter from person
Address proof
Photo ID of parents
Joint Affidavit.

Everyone had to go directly to the office to get birth certificates. But now the government has made a website for all such services and we can download certificates online.This website is called Sevana.It is a civil registration website.

How to download certificates online

Visit the official website of Sevana
Select the certificate
Select district and local body.
Click on submit button
Enter year
You can see the details of certificate ,
Fill the details of certificate
After verifying, click on the search button.
Click on the view button.
Click the download option.
Click the print option.

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