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Grihasree scheme provides Rs 4 lakh for housing construction 

   Today I would like to introduce you about you grihasree scheme.It is a housing project. Under this scheme up to Rs 4 lakh will reach your hands to build a house. We can apply for this scheme till the 15th of January.

Grihasree housing scheme is implemented by 2013 -14 .


Certificate proving not included in life mission 

Income certificate 

Bank account 

Identity card 

Location map

Ration card

Tenancy certificate 

Land receipt



LIG( Low income group)

      Applications must be submitted to the housing board.We get Rs 4 lakh through this scheme. Of this Rs 2 lakh is provided by our state government.  Rs 1 lakh is provided by the sponsors. 

     The remaining Rs1 lakh is received as beneficiary share.This scheme benefits gets low income people.Those with 2 cents of space are given prominence.

    Last date to apply for this scheme is 15/1/2021. If you want to sponsor to this scheme you can inform housing board  before  15 th january.

    The beneficiary,sponsor  can be invested Rs 1 lakh for this scheme  in this account.  Account number  is 67251135092,SBT Santi nagar,Thiruvananthapuram.  The sponsor can invest both beneficiary and sponsors amount.

First phase   –   Rs 50,000

Second phase   –   Rs 1 lakh

Third phase   –   1 lakh

Forth phase   –  Rs 1.50 lakh

We get 10 LED bulbs at Rs 65 from KSEB
Jewellery transactions  under PMLA