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How to whitening the white dress

                 Keeping white clothes white can be difficult. To whitening the white dresses when you wash your white clothes always separate them from other clothes.  Home remedies  Read the labels. Keep your washing machine clean. All clothes need in exposure to Sun,  after washing them out to dry. Don’t use too much detergent.  Only use bleach...CONTINUE READING

Free Medical Treatment in India

The cost of medical care and treatment has gone really high in recent times. Although the access to healthcare has increased steadily in the past few years, the lower class and middle class struggle to face the skyrocketing prices of healthcare. However, many people do not know about the free treatment that is available in...CONTINUE READING
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Natural remedies for thickened eyebrows

            If you can help your eyebrows thicker you will take a bit of effort. Women with bushy eyebrows are more attractive.  It highlight one’s face and personality. Eyebrows are most noticeable parts of one’s face. Some of us have a sparse and scanty eyebrows. There are certain things that can enhance the process.   Here are...CONTINUE READING
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How to wake up early morning

              If  you are  tried waking up early,  is one of the difficult habit. Waking up early morning is one of the best way to be more productive. In order to wake up earlier,  you will have to go to bed earlier too. The change on sleep can affect your judgement, mood, ability to learn, health...CONTINUE READING

Important points for teenage girls 

                 Family is very important teenagers but the thing they can’t live. Wth the constant pressure of growing up and becoming someone,  it is easy to loss track of what is really.  1)Friendship                     Teenage friendships are  the sense of belongings, feelings of being valued. The friendship gives the sense of security and comfort. It gives the...CONTINUE READING

The benefits of fenugreek 

                   Fenugreek is a herb  with many potential health benefits including improving cholesterol and blood pressure. It is often used to enhance flavour in Indian curries. If seeds and leaves are common ingredients in dishes from the India. It contain iron,  protein, fibre, alkaloids. Health benefits of fenugreek It glowing and cleanser the skin. It  exfoliate...CONTINUE READING
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Financial plan for visiting Europe 

                 Visiting Europe is one of the best popular things to do in our life. we are going on an international holiday. From booking your flight tickets,  accommodation to having foods can be quite expensive affair. if not planned properly, you would only be racking up debts, undermining memories of the vacation. Now you have 5...CONTINUE READING

How to convert old mobile phone as CCTV camera

              We have a lot of android old phones, don’t cell them. If you still turn on the old phones,  you can put them to good use in your home. One of the most useful way of the old phone is to make it into a home security camera. Security cameras are extremely necessary for houses....CONTINUE READING
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Natural Remedies for kidney stone 

                 kidney stones are hard,  small deposits of minerals and acid salts  that stick together in concentrated urine.It  forms in kidney and painful when passed. kidney stones can develop Kidneys,  ureters, bladder, urethra.   Types of kidney stones  Calcium stones Struvite stones(magnesium) Uric acid stones Cystine stones Causes Genetic  Don’t drink enough water. Intake of high protein,...CONTINUE READING
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How to control creatinine in the blood

              Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate from muscle and protein metabolism. It can be determined using blood test. It varies from person to person depending on age,  body size, gender. bloodstream transport creatin to Kidneys. Body filters it through urine. If kidney are not working properly, the level of creatinine can build up.     ...CONTINUE READING
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