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KSFE chit funds- importance-how to join

      A chit fund is a saving system. It is a contract between foreman  and subscribers.  In this system, write a name  on a paper and fold it several  times and decide  the prize winner.It is called kuri. The kuries are put in a bowel,mixed well and pick one chit from the vessel.  Read the...CONTINUE READING

Kerala pravasi welfare schemes for pravasi

        Non resident Indian is an Indian citizen who lives in India for less than 182 days during the course of preceding financial year or who stays outside India for the purpose of employment. The NRI people have to provide proof of Residence abroad in the form of employment details, student status and dependent visa...CONTINUE READING

how to calculate Square  feet

        The square feet is the unit of an area.mostly it is used to calculate the unit of a house. It is a handy skill that is easy to learn.you know the total square area,you can estimate the cost of materials for home improvement projects like painting. It will improve your writing. You can know...CONTINUE READING

Importance of KSFE schemes – high interest  rate

        KSFE introduced several schemes  to provide an alternative to the people from the private Chitti promoters in order to bring social control over the chit fund business. It is a government owned scheme. Many financial institutions  play an important role in saving  the people. Non banking Financial  companies  are another group. Chit schemes are...CONTINUE READING

How to install  wall stickers at low cost 

       Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful  house at low cost. No decorative work can be done due to financial  difficulties during  house construction. All of this has a lot of costs. After a while we try to make the house beautiful. We can quickly  replace the dirt on the walls of the...CONTINUE READING

Low cost quality  car washing machines and power tools 

       Power tools are additional power sources other than manual labour used with hand tools. The power tools use electric  motors. These tools are time saving devices invented to complete  jobs.It has greater accuracy and faster than hand tools. With proper training  we can use these tools. It makes interest work for difficult  jobs. It...CONTINUE READING

How to start small businesses  at home 

          A business is an organisation engaged in commercial, industrial activities. It is used to define the efforts and activities of individuals to produce goods and services for profit. Businesses need a business plan before operations begin. Business plan includes the company’s goals and objectives. It is always essential when you want to borrow investment ...CONTINUE READING

Gram suraksha insurance scheme- low premium, high profit

        Savings are very important  in our life. It allows you to enjoy greater security  in your life. Savings provides you an opportunity  to enjoy  your life. It protects  you in the event of a financial  emergency.  And it helps to limit the debt burden. It expands your options for decisions. It removes financial  stress...CONTINUE READING