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Prime Ministers Employment Generation Program (PMEGP)-  benefits, Eligibility, documents,how to apply

      PMEGP is a subsidy scheme that was introduced by the government of India in 2008.it is called prime minister’s employment generation program. It is merging two schemes.They are prime minister’s Rojgar yojana and Rural employment generation program.It is a central scheme administered by micro, small,medium  enterprises. It is implemented by the khadi...CONTINUE READING

How to marketing cloth bags easily 

           Cloth bags are reusable bags that are not made from HDPE plastic material. It is made from 100% cotton.mainly used antibacterial, recycling materials according to raw materials. Most of the shoppers use their own clothes when they go shopping. Many countries have reduced the use of plastic bags by banningplastuc bags.clothes bags are better...CONTINUE READING

How to make money through LIC IPO investment- Rs 13,530,15 shares

        LIC is an Indian state owned insurance group and investment company. It helps to spread the importance of life insurance in rural areas and socially  economically backward classes. LIC provides those individuals with financial cover against death at  reasonable cost. It is a leading life insurance company. It’s headquarter is in mumbai. It is...CONTINUE READING

Important grounds for eviction of tenants

Renting house is very difficult. It is very easy to find a tenant and sign a rental agreement. A person takes a huge risk by lending his property to stranger. After lenting property, Tenant is a person that rents and occupies a house from another for a period of time.Communication is important when it comes...CONTINUE READING

Branded electrical,furnitures,home appliances, lights,sanitary wares, plywood in one building at 40 to 50 % discount 

            Building materials are used for construction. It is mainly occurring substances such as clay, rocks, wood ,twigs and leaves.There are different types of building materials used in the construction of houses.They are steel wood, concrete, etc.All materials has different weight, strength, durability, cost making.These materials are based on cost,effectiveness to resisting loads and stresses...CONTINUE READING

How to start government haritha stall franchise business (HORTICOP) at Rs 15,000

Franchisee is a right specifically conferred on a group by the government. The privilege conferred by a municipality on a corporation of operation of public utilities. Franchisees may not be revoked without consent of guarantee unless stipulated in contract.Franchise provisions include tenure, compensation to grantor,services,rates, extensions,capitalisation, etc. Franchisee is a type of business in which...CONTINUE READING