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3 storey house in 1.5 cents

            Today I would like to introduce a three storey building in 1.5 cent. A beautiful house is a dream of every people. We can build a beautiful house in a very small space. Let’s see how it does.       Today I would like to introduce you to a house in Ernakulam. This house is built in...CONTINUE READING

Now we can apply for LED bulbs

       Today I would like to inform you a new about LED bulbs from KSEB. It is very important  news for all people.The distribution of LED bulbs are  progressing all over kerala as part of the filament free kerala project.      Distribution of LED bulbs was completed at several locations.KSEB had distributed bulbs to households as requested...CONTINUE READING
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Be careful not to fall in to cyber bullying

        Today I would like to inform you about very important news for women and children using mobile phones. This is the time when we should always live with great care.        Either way we are more likely to lose money. The smart phone we used may be one of the reason. So each of our moves...CONTINUE READING

Building rules to know when building a home 

       Today I would like to inform you about the rules to know before building a house. Building a beautiful home is a dream come true for everyone. Therefore it is necessary to do it very carefully.So it is essential to know about the kerala building rules.       These laws came into force in 2019. By 2020,...CONTINUE READING

We will  get good quality furnitures  at low rates.

     Today I want to introduce a cheap rate furniture shop in kuttikkattoor. This shop’s name is Manha furniture shop. We get good quality furnitures  at reasonable rate. We can see many models of furnitures.         We can see different types and models of furnitures.  We can see the Acacia made almaries. Acacia has  to be an...CONTINUE READING

Importance  of covid vaccine

      Today I would like to inform  you  about covid vaccine.Covid 19 is affects people in different  ways. It will affect mild to moderate illness. Most people recovered  without hospitalization.  Main symptoms are fever, tired ness and dry cough,sore throat,headache,loss of taste or smell,etc.It is affecting 219 countries  around the world.        Seven countries now given covid...CONTINUE READING

Importance  of epoxy table

       Today I want to introduce a variety material for you. It is very useful for us. We all commonly use wood furnitures. But today we are introducing  to you something that we can use as  furniture instead of wood.         Epoxy resin is a material that dries hard and attaches the individual pieces together. We can...CONTINUE READING

Have you seen the clay cooker?

      Today I would like to introducing about a clay cooker. It is in chelary, malappuram. We can see many things made up of clay. We can see a cooker made up of clay.Mainly it is 3 types. 3 liter, 4 liter, 5 liter. Its price is Rs 900, Rs 1200.       We can see idli cooker....CONTINUE READING