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Kerala karshaka kshema pension

            The Kerala government proposed to give pension to all farmers. Agricultural minister V S. Sunil Kumar presented the Kerala farmers welfare fund bill in the assembly on wednesday. In this scheme including  all farmers with a minimum 5 cents to maximum 15 acres of own or leased land.  Eligibility  All farmers can become members.  Each...CONTINUE READING

LPG gas connection booking online 

            In olden days we face many struggles to do something for any government related services. But now government provide websites and mobile apps to simplifies people’s efforts. Many people currently using these facilities. we can book the LPG gas connection through online. LPG is essential for our life, now the Government of India subsidize 12...CONTINUE READING

Home remedies for toothache

              pain in or around the tooth caused by tooth decay or infection. If you have tooth ache chance to getting in the way of your sleep  It can cause severe pain. It is caused when the nerve in the route of tooth irritated. Tooth decay is the primary cause of toothache for most adult and...CONTINUE READING
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Karunya Health Insurance by KeralaGovernment 

 Eligibility  The people belonging to below poverty line.  Above poverty line people can apply  The beneficiary must be a resident of Kerala.  They must provide income certificate, Aadhar card. Benefits  People suffering from major chronic illnesses can avail treatment benefits under this scheme  acute ailments such as cancer, palliative care, heart disease, Kidney Disease, haemophilia.  ...CONTINUE READING

Find the lost Android mobile phone 

Are you worried about your low cost smartphone? Most Android mobile phones now come with find my device built in. you can download an app find my device app from Google Play Store. This will automatically track you mobile location you can ring your mobile if it is near by and you need a hind/lock...CONTINUE READING
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Low cost airline ticket booking online 

Through online,  air ticket booking you can easily compare prices of airlines to get your air tickets at lowest rates and it easy to do as multiple payment options are available on websites. If you want to find the cheapest airline,  visit the site and download the app, enter your departure and arrival cities and...CONTINUE READING

Pravasi loan/ NORKA

Government have  started the rehabilitation package NDPREM for returned NRK’s. Under this scheme NORKA ROOTS entered in to MOU’s major bank StateBank of India, south Bank of India, Union Bank. Kerala state backward class Development Corporation and Kerala state Pravasi welfare development cooperative society signed MOU.                 It is the first one of it’s kind formed...CONTINUE READING

Petrol making from plastic 

                  plastic is a material consisting of wide range of synthetic or semi synthetic organic compounds that are malleable and it can be moulded into solid objects. Plastic is a material that can change its shape. Making them the right shape is easy. The plastic will become soft enough to form into different shapes and they...CONTINUE READING
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KFONE-Government of Kerala provide free internet 

The k- phone project announced by finance minister Thomas Isaac in the last State budget. The Kerala government is likely to provide data at a lower rate than jio. In k phone project, the Kerala government will provide free high speed internet connection for the poor. The scheme has official cleared and aimed at free...CONTINUE READING

Captcha typing

 captcha typing is a most simple and guaranteed way to have additional income in internet. In this you need only a computer, keyboard,  internet connection. In in this there are lots of images that cannot recognised automatically, there are people who are ready to pay for recognition of images. They made a service suitable for...CONTINUE READING
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