You can start a small business  at Rs 500


    In this situation where covid-19 is increasing ,many people are losing their jobs. Mainly expatriates have lost their jobs. If they want to start a business they usually need a large sum of money . It is a very difficult thing for a normal person. That is why today I am sharing with you a topic that will be useful to such people.

         A business is defined as an organisation engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. We can start a small business at home. If you are trying to think of a good idea, you just have to find the solution for a problem in your life. The first step is finding a business idea that works for you.

      We can start a business at a very low cost. Housewives can also start this business. Just Rs 500 is enough to start this business. We can get a profit of around Rs 40 per kg by selling this product.

     We can sell a minimum of 10 kg per day.we can make a profit of Rs 12,000/ month through this business. Do not need any type of machines for this business.

     We all know about fresh. We get the natural mouth freshener free after taking food  in hotels.This fresher includes perunjeeragam(ani seed) and sugar candy.We can make a natural  mouth freshener at home. We can start this business easily.we need ani seed and jaggery for it.

         We should take a pan and add 250 g ani seed.Heat it until well brown colour.Pour 175 g of  jaggery to it.Pour this to it and mix well.We will get a golden brown colour aniseed . After cool, press it with your hand. We should pack this mixture  in an airtight container.  We should make a label for it. We can sell it. 

     We must need an FSSAI license certificate  for marketing.we will get wholesale Rs 120 / packet and Rs40 for jaggery. Packing,labeling cost includes Rs 500. 

        Wash aniseeds well and dry them.  Filter the jaggery and use. We can use this product at home. Aniseeds are rich in nutrients,protecting the stomach against ulcers. Prevent infections,relieve menopause  symptoms,balance out blood sugar levels,and reduce inflammation. 

      It is used for stomach upsets,intestinal  gas.It is used as a diuretic.  Because it helps to increase urine flow. It is used to flavor foods,beverages, candies and breath fresheners. 

     Jaggery cleanses our body,improves digestion, prevents  anaemia,improves immune function, and controls glucose ,weight includes iron,minerals.  It is very good for pregnant  women . 

      We can sell these products at hotels, restaurants,  bakeries,etc. We will get good profit from this business. 

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