What to do if you lose money while making transactions online

        Today I would like to inform you about  very useful information. This  is a modern period. That is why we do everything through online.Mainly due to the covid 19 it is a safe way. Now we do all the transactions related to the bank through online. It is an easy way.

       There are a lot of applications available right now to take money from our bank and send money. This is very easy way. But it is essential that we pay close attention to online transactions. Because even if a number changes we are likely to lose money. Because be careful to online transactions. 

      So when we accidentally lose money we get our money back. There are three main ways in which we can get our money back. We do not need to do anything if the account number is not present when  the account number we enter is changed. The money will be returned to our account.

      Other way is if the entered account number is present,the main problem is we don’t know about the person. So you can submit a complaint to your home bank branch about your problem exactly. The bank communicate to the other person. It is a chance to get money back.

       Another way is we can get this money back through legal actions.

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