We will  get good quality furnitures  at low rates.

     Today I want to introduce a cheap rate furniture shop in kuttikkattoor. This shop’s name is Manha furniture shop. We get good quality furnitures  at reasonable rate. We can see many models of furnitures. 

       We can see different types and models of furnitures.  We can see the Acacia made almaries. Acacia has  to be an extremely durable wood. It has high density and hardness. So it is used to making dining tables ,benches and almaries.  It has good durability and it is water resistant.  Acacia is antibacterial  wood.

      The price of forest Acacia almaries varies from Rs 13,000  to 20,000. We get 3 door Acacia almirahs   at Rs 22,000.We get teak almaries at Rs 20,000.

      We get acacia box cot at Rs 18,000. We get teak cot at Rs 16,000. The price of king size cot is Rs 20,000. We get all ranges of furnitures from here.

      The price  of forest teak dining table is Rs 22,000. We get forest  acacia dining table with glass  at Rs 15,500. We get plain chair at Rs 1600. We get varieties  of dining tables.

    We get study tables at Rs  2500.  We get one side down cot at Rs 5500 and two side down cot at Rs 6500.we get teak settee at Rs 22,000.

      We can see variety of imported materials.  We get iraul sofa at 19,000. We get  cot, dressing table without mattress at Rs 28500.

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