We get Rs 3000 monthly pension from Shram yogi Mandhan yojana

        We get a lot of benefits  from central and state governments. Those benefits are very helpful to us.Today I want to introduce  a benefit that gets Rs 3000 as monthly pension. It is a central government benefit. Under this scheme husband and wife in a household get Rs 3000 per month. This benefit is available as part of the shram Yogi mandhan Yojana scheme.

           We can apply for this scheme through Akshaya janaseva centers. This benefit  is available to everyone in the unorganised sector.Farm workers,freight workers are also apply for this benefit.


Age limit 18 -40 yrs 

Do not be the recipients of EPF,NPS  and ESI benefits .

Do not do more than one and half crore business ventures.

Do not be the recipients of other central government benefits

Monthly income should be less than Rs 15000.


Bank account details

Adhar card

Mobile number 

      An 18 year old worker will get this benefit, if he pays Rs 55 per month. The central government will also invest an amount for us  depending on what we pay. We have been receiving pension since the age of 60 years. If we withdraw from the scheme within 10 years we will get the  paid amount and interest.

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