We get bathroom fittings,sanitary wares,plumbing materials at low prices

        Today I would like inform you about low price bathroom fittings.Its name is  pride shop . It is in vengery junction, kannur road , kozhikode malappuram  bypass road.We get quality  materials  from here.

       We get Jagger Espo sanitary ware  has low price . We get this at  Rs 5500 .SIFON is the largest  manufacturer  in india. We get branded materials at low prices. We get this materials  at 10 year warranty.  We get all sanitary materials. 

         Pride makes PVC pipes and water tanks.3 layered white tanks price is Rs 5500. It is made up of failed materials. It has 10 year warranty.SIFON  new model closets price is maximum Rs 6900. SIFON old model  closet ‘s price is Rs 5900.

       Tita washbasin price is Rs 3300 – 4300. We get washbasin from Rs 1100-5500. We get 6×6 shower at Rs 135.We get 3 types of shower pipes.

       We get 10 year warranty essco closets at Rs 8000. The esco steel pipes price is Rs 650. We get walgain closets at Rs 5500.