We get all car accessories  at low cost

          Today I want to share with you about a place where car accessories are available at very low prices. Usually when we buy these from big shops we lose  a very large amount. But at a very low price we can get acquainted with the place where you can get car accessories. It is in ukkadam market in coimbatore .Name of this institution is F2car zone.

         We get  speakers like Sony branded speaker .Its prize is Rs 900.We get all brands of speakers. And also we get car wases at low prizes. We get spoiler at Rs 800. We get good quality dog lamb at Rs 500.

         We get 5 types of antennas from here  at very low cost. The total prize of 4 wheel cups are RS300. We get speaker sets at Rs 600.  And also we get Volkswagen car horn at Rs 500. We get 1 year warranty 4000W vector brand speaker at Rs 3500. 

     We get all accessories  of car from here at very low cost. If you have any doubt please contact : 7339286651

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