We can build a beautiful house with gypsum panels at Rs 10 lakh

    Today I would like to inform you about we can make a home at Rs 10 lakh within 50 days. Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful house with low cost.It  is very difficult. But now a lot of changes are coming in home construction. Today we can see the latest technologies that can be used in home construction. 

     Today we can see how to make a home with a GFRG gypsum panel.GFRG is the glass fiber reinforced gypsum. It is a modern building component used for mass scale construction  of houses. Its construction  only need short time. It is white colored . 

     We can manufacturing this gypsum panels using slurry obtained  by heating calcined raw gypsum.And it is mixed with water,D50,BS94,white cement in a mixer. It is a high strength resistant glass fibers.

     We can take only 2 weeks to build the wall with GFRG panel. It has low cost. It reduces heat, reduces the risk of earth quake, protects against fire. These panel sheets are being manufactured in kochi.Its width is 15 to 18 cm. 

     If we want to these panels ,we should give the all details about the structure of the house. We can order for this after the designing of house. The floor should be built in such a way that the roads stand high on the cut stone. Then construct the belt to the top of the floor. Then panel sheet  is lowered using a crane.

      After the wall, the roof will be constructed using the same panels used for the wall.we can paint easily. It doesn’t need cement,sand.

      These panels has less weight. Its weight is 5 inch. We can do this panel for a whole house. We get good finishing.

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